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      Fargo, ND & Travel Wedding Photographer

      Now Booking 2021 Weddings

      The experience

      I consider myself to be pretty go with the flow, which translates to my photography. Your session will feel more like hanging out, and then you'll have memories of it to look back on. If I do my job right, your photos will look like a story, not poses. They’ll flip through almost like a film in stop motion, with the best in-between moments captured.

      If that sounds good to you, then that's why you're here


      I’m Lil.

      sometimes called
      "weird girl with camera"

      I'm a girl who refers to herself as "cool girl" ironically too often. I love listening to broadway cast albums, watching true crime documentaries, and crying over videos of my nephew. I'm an enneagram 7, and I think that love is the most powerful and important force we have the magic of experiencing here on earth.

      When I'm not taking photos, I'm working on my master's degree, designing graphics for my university's autonomous systems institute (drones... pretty cool,) or FaceTiming my friends over an iced matcha.