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    Pricing information for weddings

    Do you remember your first date with your other? Do you remember the butterflies, the laughter, or maybe the first kiss? There’s something about our senses in these moments that our memory holds onto in a unique way. For me, it’s the perfume I used to wear when we met. Whenever I smell it, I’m right back at the cinema we both worked at as teenagers.

    My couple sessions feel the same way for me. I didn’t always realize the power of photography, but after we had our five year anniversary session, I can’t help but feel my cheeks ball up in a smile when I see them. It’s like I can feel¬†the joy, the laughter, and the warmth. You can check out my past couples’ stories, here.

    There’s something about those moments that feel like home. Preserving them is worth every penny, I promise. My pricing guide below details the packages I’ve created that will suit most wedding days. However, because each day is unique, each pricing description is customizable.

    Here’s my contact page. I’m really excited to hear from you.