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        Being a boudoir photographer is seriously one of the biggest honors I could have. Thank you so much to everybody who came out for my boudoir day recently. I love loved getting to show you all how beautiful you are!

        Investing in boudoir photos can be super scary tbh. It’s scary to be vulnerable and have somebody photograph you in a vulnerable way, whether the photos are for yourself or for your partner/somebody else. And on that note – let me tell you why you should get boudoir photos done for yourself! (Even if you do have a partner!)


        woman in criss cross lingerie


        Why have boudoir photos done?

        Getting boudoir photos taken of yourself will be one of the most empowering things you ever do – I promise! Putting yourself in a vulnerable position like that is scary at first. But the end result will bring you so much confidence and will allow you to fall in loveee with yourself. Having photos of yourself that you are PROUD of and that you absolutely love is priceless. I take pride in being able to show women how beautiful they are through boudoir photos, and I’m great at making them feel 1000% comfortable before + during the session. We’ll start of the session with maybe a snack or some champagne and do whatever we need to do to get you comfy + confident!


        woman holding champagne


        What to wear for boudoir photos

        Now boudoir doesn’t mean you have to be naked. Unless you want to be!

        The beauty of boudoir is that its purpose is to make you feel as beautiful + empowered as possible, no matter what you’re wearing. If you’re at your most confident and bomb-ass-feelin’ self wearing a cute hoodie and some underwear, wear that. If you love feeling a lil’ spicy, bring along some lingerie – two-pieces, one-pieces, red, black, pink, whatever you feel the BEST in. Whether you wear a white t-shirt with ripped shorts, you go topless with your fav pair of jeans, or you wear your partner’s favorite sweatshirt: it’s fully up to you. Don’t wear something you won’t feel comfortable or confident in – again, boudoir photos are to make you feel amazing and empowered in your body in the way that feels best to you!

        A couple places to get high-quality lingerie if you decide to rock some sexy looks during your session:


        black lacy lingerie woman smiling wearing comfy sweatshirt denim jacket boudoir outfit


        What to do with your boudoir photos

        Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your boudoir photos once you’ve got them!

        • Print out your faves through your online gallery in a tiny size + keep them in your wallet for yourself
        • Frame a couple of your favorites and keep them next to your bed
        • Keep your faves on your phone for you to come back to when you’re not feeling like your best self
        • If you want to gift some to your partner:
          • Create an album out of your favorite photos & give it to them on Valentine’s Day (or just out of the blue)
          • Print your faves for them to secretly keep in their wallet



        Now enjoy these gals’ beautiful boudoir photos! They rocked a variety of different outfits, so I’m positive you’ll be able to find some outfit inspo in these pics for your own boudoir sesh 😉


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